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You Can Now Get the Right Industrial Valves with These Tips

Industrial valves play a critical role in controlling the flow of liquids and gas in several industrial processes and systems. Some of their functions in controlling liquid and gas flow include starting and stopping the flow, preventing backflow, regulating discharge pressure, and regulation flow rate and direction. Industrial valves are typically designed to last. However, several issues can result in breakdowns over time. When this happens, it's critical to find suitable replacement valves for your applications. Unfortunately, because of the many options available in the market, finding the correct option can be overwhelming if it's your first time. Therefore, here are some tips to make your selection hassle-free.

Think About The Valve's Purpose

What functions does the valve perform? Answering this question is the first step to getting the correct replacement valve. Industrial valves have several functions, including controlling and isolating media (materials like liquids and gas), backflow prevention, pressure relief, diverting flow, adjusting the flow, shutting off flow, etc. Each valve is designed based on such unique functions. For instance, if you are looking for an industrial valve to prevent backflow, check valves are the most suitable option.

On the other hand, go for gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, etc., for starting and stopping functions. And if you want to discharge excessive media for improved safety in your equipment, guard or safety valves would be ideal. Therefore, it's critical to evaluate your needs to ensure you choose the correct option.

Consider The Media

Knowing the media that will need to pass through the industrial valve is the next step in your selection. The nature of the media can have significant implications on your valve's performance, efficiency, and durability. For instance, some materials or media can be abrasive or corrosive with possible chemical reactivity with your valve. That means you will need to be extra careful when selecting valve materials. You will be better off with a material that holds up well against the media's abrasive or corrosive nature.

Don't Forget The Operating Environment

Generally, media flow at different operating pressures and temperatures. Therefore, it's crucial to select an industrial that can withstand your media's operating pressure and temperature. For instance, you can choose from low-pressure valves to super high-pressure valves depending on the media pressure. Choose general valves if your media flows at standard temperatures. However, if the medial flows are considerably high temperatures, high-temperature or heat resistant valves will work best. And if the temperatures are relatively low, sub-zero and cryogenic valves are the perfect solution.

For more information, contact a valve supplier near you.