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3 Reasons to Sell Jute Reusable Grocery Bags in Your Store

If you want to sell eco-friendly grocery bags in your store, then you need to tick a few customer boxes before they'll make a purchase. Your customers will spend a little more on bags they can use over and over again, so you need to give them value for money and reasons to buy.

A lot of this is down to the material you use to make your bags. Jute is a good option here. What are the advantages of using it?

1. Jute Is a Renewable Resource

Jute is a fibrous vegetable plant. It lends itself well to spinning, which makes it a good option when you want to create natural materials.

As a natural resource, jute is renewable, sustainable and more environmentally friendly than some other materials. The plant grows and matures quickly, so it isn't hard to replenish stocks after cropping.  

So, if you use jute to make your bags, your customers will know that they are buying products that are not imposing any pressure on natural resources. This appeals to people who want to live a greener and more responsible lifestyle.

2. Jute Bags Are Strong

Some eco-friendly reusable grocery bags won't last all that long. For example, regular cotton bags can't always cope with heavy shopping loads; they might tear and fray if they carry things with hard or sharp edges.

You can use jute to make sturdier and more robust bags. They are less likely to lose their shape, fray or tear. Plus, if you add gussets and reinforced bottoms, then the bags can cope even better with heavy loads.

The longer a reusable bag lasts, the better. Your customers will feel that they have got value for money and helped the environment.

3. Jute Doesn't Cause Disposal Problems

Even a reusable grocery bag has a finite life — it won't last forever. While using a reusable product is one way of helping the environment, what happens to the bag at the end of its life also matters.

If a bag's materials don't biodegrade quickly or at all, then they contribute to general landfill problems. This isn't a problem if you use jute. The material is completely biodegradable and compostable. It doesn't take long for the fibres to break down without leaving any kind of negative footprint.

To find out more about the benefits of jute and the types of products you could sell, talk to eco-friendly reusable grocery bags manufacturers like Wakingland LLC.