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Have you considered trying a disinfection process?

How safe is the air that you are breathing? Much of the time you probably don't spend long thinking about breathing. The air flows into your lungs and you breathe it out again. You may not consider that there is anything in the air that could harm you, but sadly that isn't true. The air around us is contaminated with many things including pollutants, bacteria, allergens, viruses, and pet dander, to name just a few. These contaminants are present not just in the air but can also be found on many surfaces where can be easily picked by through touch. To protect those who will use the room, you must have an easy way to sterilise and disinfect the room.

Why use a UV blaster air filtration system?

If you operate a shopping centre, hotel, restaurant or even an office space, then you can't afford for it to be out of use for a prolonged period of time. If you close the room for a deep clean, then you might not be able to use it again for several hours. If, by contrast, you were to use a UV blaster air filtration system or something similar, the room could be clean, safe and ready for use again in only a few minutes.

How does a UV blaster air filtration system work?

Disinfecting any space manually can be a risky and difficult process particularly if the spaces involved are large, such as an airport, nursing home or a big factory. Why spend time cleaning each surface when you can use the power of UV and a big blast of air? If you are looking for a way to quickly clean furniture, IT equipment and similar items and chemical disinfection isn't practical then UV is the best option. Look for a remotely controlled system that can effectively sterilise streams of air and disinfect large spaces in a set time, often around ten minutes or less. You will want a system that can be customised to suit different rooms so you can be sure the room is safe at the end of the cycle.

Is UV air filtration safe?

When you opt for a UV blaster air filtration system, you must have the confidence that the system will not only kill at least 99.99% of all viruses but that it poses no risk to people. It is best to look for a UV disinfection system that is supplied with safety alarms so that it shuts down quickly if someone enters the room and logs the event so you know that the disinfection process has not been completed.

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