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Must-Have Valves for Your Petrochemical Plants and Installations

The exploration of petrochemical resources involves moving high volumes of fluids from one point to another. Most of these products are highly volatile, and they can react violently when they encounter other chemicals or materials. They are also flammable. You must take precautions to ensure that you always have control over the flow and storage of your petrochemicals. In this way, you can rely on the safety equipment you have to manage adversity in case of a disaster. One way of regulating fluid flow is by installing valves in your petrochemical plant. If you are wondering what type of valves you should have, here is a discussion that will shed more light:

Globe Valves

Globe valves are unidirectional fittings, meaning that they allow fluids to flow in one direction only. They are the best option for plant sections that require you to start or stop the flow of fluids with a high level of precision. Therefore, globe valves come in handy when you need to regulate multiple pipe systems designed to deliver specific volumes of fluid to storage tanks or transportation vessels. The valve effectively cuts the flow of fluid with high precision, preventing incidences of overflows. You will not worry about overloading your tanks.

Vacuum Relief Valves

You can also refer to vacuum relief valves as breather valves. They allow your petrochemical equipment to operate optimally. Typically, most areas of the petrochemical plants will result in the build-up of high temperature and pressure. The fuels move through the equipment at high speed, resulting in lots of friction and heat. You need to relieve your pressurised vessels and find a way for the fluids to release the accumulating heat. Vacuum relief valves release pressure and heat from tanks and pipes to prevent hazardous explosions. They should be made from materials that can withstand both conditions. Examples include forged steel and cast iron.

Knife Gate Valves

Some petrochemical products like crude oil present a challenge when it comes to flow. The high level of viscosity makes the fluids slack off when moving through pipes, which requires lots of time and pumping resources. You don't have that luxury in lean processing setups. Thankfully, you can use knife gate valves to speed up the process. These valves cut through the thick fluid to regulate the flow of the material to your advantage. On the downside, knife gate valves don't do well under high-pressure, limiting their efficiency in some industrial applications. You'll need to back them up with powerful pumps.

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